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Tales of Old Japanese

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Tales of Old Japanese is a collection of five short stories of the older generation living in contemporary Japan. The author spent over 25 years living in the country, working as a writer and journalist. Some of his impressions of Japan and of the people who live there have been recorded in:
  • Keiko's House: An old house, its history, and the history of those who have lived there in the past.
  • Haircuts: When 92-year-old Mr Kato changes his barber, his life takes on a surprising new meaning.
  • Click: One photograph every day. The memories of twenty years, all neatly arranged in albums. Mrs Terada's camera sees everything.
  • Mrs Sakamoto's Grouse: When Mrs Sakamoto sees a new brand of whisky on the shelves of her local neighbourhood shop, the result is unexpected.
  • The Old House: Two boys play in the garden of a deserted house once owned by a notorious miser; which turns out not to be deserted after all.
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