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The Persian Dagger

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Hugh Ashton, known for his re-creation of Sherlock Holmes, here attempts the resurrection of another classic famous sleuth - G.K.Chesteron's Father Brown. Here, Ashton and Lowe unveil a shocking crime where the little priest sees into men's hearts and thereby reveals the murderer. Spiced with the wit and morality that lifted the original Father Brown stories above the average, this has been described as:
"Fantastic little read. Written very much in the style and subject matter that Chesterton would pen. I've read all of the Father Brown material and own the 2 volume annotated Father Brown, I wouldn't consider myself an expert, however, Ashton and Lowe, as near as I can tell, have fashioned a tale that is very true to the original stories by GKC. The dialogue, setting, characters, and moral of the story is just what one would expect if Chesterton had written it. GKC was a tremendously prolific writer, who was a formidable apologist for Christianity. The Persian Dagger could easily be slipped into a volume of Father Brown stories and you wouldn't be able to discern the difference. Ashton and Lowe have done a tremendous job."
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