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The Enemy

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A young boy is sent on a dangerous mission to investigate the spider-like beings that have landed nearby. With the help of W2, his miniature robot, he must find out who and what they are. The results are surprising.

This story was originally written (2012) for the son of a fellow-author friend who was going into hospital for an operation. The Boss Bean of Inknbeans Press, who was publishing my stories at the time, decided to collect stories and poems for this boy to help him through the stress of the medical procedures.

This was my effort, and to be honest, I'd forgotten about it until I was sweeping through my old files. On re-reading it, I found I enjoyed it, so I thought others might as well.

I decided to make it free – and only available from this site. If you have a Kindle, there are instructions on how to get this sort of file onto your Kindle – other ereaders and computers should have no problem with this.

If you enjoy it, you might like some of my other writing, available from this site.

You will get a EPUB (263KB) file

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