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Die Kunst der Fuge

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This is my work in progress: a realisation of The Art of Fugue by J.S.Bach. I used MIDI files from Bach Central which I edited a little. If you want to know more about the piece, try Wikipedia.

All instruments here are monophonic analog synthesisers, some linked to others, so that one aspect of one controls another. In a couple of pieces, I'm using the Moog Subharmonicon to add a bit of rhythmical depth in the background.

There are no presets on these synths - everything must be programmed from the ground up, and it was interesting to choose voices which matched (to my ears) the characters of the different fugues.

Relatively few effects. A little real spring reverb and some UAD plate emulation. A bit of EQ here and there, and a bit of limiter. And an autopan in the last piece.

This is a work in progress – hence the cheap pricing (can't make it free with a file over 100MB). If I ever make a version that I am happy with, the price will go up.

The large download is a zip file containing 17 MP3 tracks (VBR), with a total running time of over 70 minutes.

You will get a ZIP (135MB) file

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