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The Tilling Smugglers

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The much-loved Mapp and Lucia novels of E.F.Benson are sadly too few in number. The Tilling Smugglers is the fifth in Hugh Ashton's series which have satisfied the wishes of Mapp and Lucia fans around the world for more adventures of the famous pair. The first four books, written in the style of the originals, have been much praised and enjoyed .
In this story, a new character from the theatrical world appears when Lucia is appointed to entertain a visiting Royal personage with a pageant.
And at the same time, Major Benjy and Elizabeth Mapp-Flint make a surprising, but also disturbing, discovery.
Join your old friends in Tilling: Georgie, the Padre and Evie, Major Benjy, Quaint Irene, dear Diva, and of course Elizabeth Mapp-Flint and Lucia, as they plot and scheme in their attempts to lead Tilling Society.
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